Corporate Housing

Corporate Housing

Corporate Housing

We are specialized in undertaking building constructions for corporate societies and government agencies/organizations. We also assist in the land acquisition for such projects OR Construction works can also be done on the organizations’ proposed land. We also build houses in accordance to the organizations’ building plans and specifications. We can alternatively propose a wonderful building plan or specification for our clients where necessary.

We have several plots of land in the following sought – after areas.

  • Daboase (Takoradi in the Western Region)
  • Kofi Koi (Amasaman in the Greater Accra Region)
  • Dodowa (in the Greater Accra Region)

We offer all these on a flexible terms of payment. That will suit the Ghanaian worker with less financial impact on his/her salary.

Payment of an agreed monthly installment.

Payment/deduction of an agreed monthly installment at source (i.e. deduction is made from your salary before you receive it: and this lessens your financial burden).

Payment of cost is spread over five (5) to fifteen (15) years for all our clients.

Our clients have the right to occupy property even if payment of cost has not been honored fully.